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Hudson Harris
Hudson Harris


7. Download Nexus Remixed 26 Nexus Presets. Featuring remixes of Nexus DX and Nexus Expansion sounds from Amazon, YouTube, MyFreeMP3, AudioJungle and more, download the ReMixes Nexus Expansion pack to expand your Nexus sound design skills!


8. The Backyard Manual Nexus Expansion Presets. The Backyard Manual Nexus Expansion is a set of 808, 909, and Nexus Expansion presets for you to use in your tracks. Available in the Nexus Expansion pack.

9. Wolf Tracks Nexus Expansion Presets.The Wolf Tracks Nexus Expansion pack is a massive collection of Nexus Expansion presets that enable you to remix your Nexus expansion sounds in different sonic dimensions. From light 808 sounds to heavy, driving bass lines, these Nexus Expansion presets will make your Nexus Expansion sounds shine.

2. Free Nexus Expansion Presets 15,000+ Free Nexus Expansion Presets. Its' time to take this expansion on the road! This is a pack filled with 15,000+ freenexus expansion presets. You do need an expansion product to run, of course.

3. Nexus Expansion Packs 7 Nexus Expansion Packs. These are the very Nexus Expansion packs you'll find at Z28 Music Blog. With the exception of one Expansion pack, they are all freely available. We think weve hit the jackpot with these 7 Nexus Expansion packs.

4. L.A. Bounce Nexus Expansion Presets. These Nexus Expansion Presets are loaded with the new and best 808s, 2 Train, and 909s. They're fresh off the synth top three of the LA Bounce Nexus Expansion pack.

5. Totally MIDI Nexus Expansion Presets.With the Totally MIDI Nexus Expansion pack, you'll get the most MIDI versions of popular Nexus Expansion sounds. As usual, the Totally MIDI Nexus Expansion pack lets you move this expansion to your favorite synth and you'll get MIDI versions of the sounds. MIDI is always fun!


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