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Greyson Rogers
Greyson Rogers

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Some AAF units and bases had their own baseball teams and their athletic apparel was often military-spec. and government issue. Our baseball shirt is the type typically worn on cooler days under the short-sleeve, button-front baseball shirt and has the classic three-quarter sleeves in the team color, in this case red. These "undershirts" have been forever popular worn on their own as just an outer shirt, and the detailing found on this copy is one you'll want to be seen wearing and not have mostly hidden under a baseball outer shirt.

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The vintage baseball undershirts were manufactured to a standard back in their era that was very much the norm, utilizing circular tube-knitting machines that produced shirts with a perfect tube body and no side seams. Tube-knitting machines can only weave one set diameter per loom; this means the factory needs a different loom for each size - very expensive - which is why you hardly ever see true tube construction in modern-day garments. Even the most expensive designer sweatshirts will usually have a side seam - sometimes two seams! Tube construction ensures true shape is maintained, not only during its construction, but during its life of wear. This is the proper way to make a sweatshirt; in the good old days, the proper way was the only way. It's cheap and easy to make shirts from a flat piece of cloth, and most customers would never notice the difference, though they may wonder why their not-so-cheap sweatshirt seemed to lose its shape after only a few washes - but now you know.

The Whitesville brand is a long-defunct sportswear label from the "good old days" in American clothing that was resurrected by the same manufacturer that brings us the world-renowned Buzz Rickson's, Sugar Cane, and Sun Surf brands. Whitesville tee shirts take us back to when tee shirts were not moo moo dresses outfitted with short sleeves that flirt with our elbows; rather, these are vintage-style tee shirts of the 1950's - 1970's that are trim fitting, short in the body length, and with quarter-length sleeves. The trim design with quarter sleeves lends itself well to reducing excess fabric and bulk when worn as an undershirt or just as a tee shirt, and the short body length affords a flattering look when worn untucked, typically stopping near the trouser pockets, though tucking in remains anyone's option. 041b061a72


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