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Hudson Harris

Where To Buy Lydia's Organics

West County Glass Gallery is a destination gift shoppe for the discerning buyer, glass connoisseur, and shopper in need of gifts for that someone in their life who has everything. We create many of the products on display in our flameworking studio, located along Hwy 116 South in Sebastopol, where we also teach classes and sell glass working supplies, tools and equipment. In addition to our own wares, West County Glass Gallery features the work of many talented Sonoma County glass artists.

where to buy lydia's organics


Dave and Lydia are raising four children on the farm. All the kids are bearing witness to and getting involved in the simple pleasures of a farm lifestyle. The kids all eat and love their broccoli and spinach as they have a strong connection to where it came from and what was involved to get it on their plates.

Lydia Manter was born and raised on the coast of Maine. She has been based in Maui, Hawaii for the past eight years where she spends her time creating illustrations and designs for personal projects to businesses alike. Her artwork reflects her love for the natural world and her love of living by the sea

I am a patient, friendly tutor that has worked with a variety of students and can address many academic needs. I believe in a semi-holistic approach where I learn more about the student as a whole and build their foundational skills to make them a more well-rounded student and a better learner. My Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is from Stockton University. I became passionate about tutoring in my undergraduate studies at Stockton. While it originally started so I could help myself review for the MCAT and my senior classes, I genuinely enjoyed helping others learn. I now live for the lightbulb moment of understanding. Right now, I am working on continuing education for tutoring and attaining tutor certifications from the National Tutoring Association. I hope to gain the Master Level Tutor certification. My subjects focus on the sciences, particularly biological and chemical sciences. However, as I believe in making well-rounded students, I also tutor in English and origami. I find organic chemistry and laboratory reports to be an intersection between art, science, and writing, so they are my favorite fields in which to tutor. 041b061a72


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