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Hudson Harris
Hudson Harris

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i'm looking forward to b&w. if it works for denoising i will definitely give it a try.i use software that is a little older than you i think - but a good one..btw i'm also looking forward to the new "simplify art" mode. i have a huge collection of art studio presets that i've been using to art-direct my photos since it came out. while i don't need to do this since i have a good script that helps me do this, it will be a bit more difficult to track them down.

Topaz Labs Serial Key 2017

right now i am using and prefer simplify deluxe 2 and not the ai version. i have had some decent results with the ai version, but am a little wary of it. there are too many complaints of it and it is very unpredictable - your mileage may vary. when i have some time, i will fire up my review copy of ai and give it a try.i agree that some of the old programs should stay. i use one called ccleaner which really rocks for cleaning up old or damaged photos. i don't want to change my photo editing applications. i also need to access my originals, which i do in my program "i have the original" (but don't have time to upgrade my system to do backups). i should be able to do what i want without spending thousands on new apps.

in all seriousness, i find it hard to believe that you would not keep the old versions available. there are many things that i miss from the original studio. it is a little frustrating not to be able to access them.

what do you mean by "19 new presets?" perhaps you are referring to the new art studio categories. the only ones that i use are the ones for simplify. i found a collection in the default folder on the disk and activated it in art studio.


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