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Hudson Harris

[S4E12] Sanctuary !!TOP!!

But justice is forced to take a step back when the persons of interest make it into the church, and the priest and parishioners provide them sanctuary. The act causes public unrest, as shown in the official trailer for the episode. The priest and parishioners are pretty adamant about keeping the law enforcement outside, but Voight and his team are equally persistent about bringing the two suspects to justice.

[S4E12] Sanctuary

In Fluttershy Leans In, Jack Hammer appears in his Earth pony form as a construction worker working on Fluttershy's animal sanctuary. In Honest Apple, he appears as an Earth pony construction worker again, building the contest runway outside Carousel Boutique.

This was a good episode. Although slow at times, we learned a lot about one of the best characters on the show (Daryl) and saw Beth make some important headway towards becoming an adult. Plus, focusing the entire episode on their storyline is a good indicator that we're going to see a much-needed reunion of the Rick and Tyreese groups next week. Also, Terminus. Its name implies an "end," and its also the original name of Atlanta, but is it going to be the sanctuary it promises to be? Or another dystopian trap? Either way it should be entertaining.

Iseul is lost to you... but with a child on the way, you need to pull yourself together. The elven domain is a sanctuary on the middle of it all, reminding you of your beloved. What secrets does this magical land have in store for you? 041b061a72


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