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Teen Wolf is an American television series that airs on MTV. The series premiered on Sunday, June 5, 2011, following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.[1] Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama series that follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a high school student and social outcast who is bitten by a werewolf. He tries to maintain a normal life while hiding his secret and dealing with supernatural dangers that plague the town of Beacon Hills. He is aided by his best friend, Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien), and mysterious werewolf, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin).


Victoria is an attentive wife and mother and, like Argent, overprotective of Allison. She is overbearing also and prone to fits of rage. In "Lunatic", when Derek Hale is on the run after being framed for the attempted murder of Allison and the kids at the high school, Victoria coldly states that the hunters are to "find (Derek), kill him, cut him in half". In the Season 1 finale she demands Allison keep quiet over her introduction to the supernatural. Victoria is not above torture to get what she wants, as in "Shape-Shifted" she electrocutes the principal of Beacon Hills High to have him resign so Gerard could take his place as part of a plan to keep an eye on Beacon Hills' werewolves. When Victoria suspects Scott and Allison are still seeing each other after she and Argent had forbidden them to, she mutilates her arm in "Ice Pick", so to ask Scott's mother Melissa questions on Scott. In "Frenemy", she takes a job as a substitute teacher to completely keep an eye on her daughter. In "Raving", Victoria inconspicuously sees Scott and Allison kissing. To keep Scott away from Allison for good, she ambushes him at the rave party during the sting operation to capture the Kanima. She attempts to murder him by triggering his asthma with wolfsbane. Scott lets out a howl for help, but Victoria gloats believing he is on his own. Derek however, fights her off and saves Scott, Biting her in the process. In "Party Guessed", Bitten, changing into a werewolf, Victoria must now commit suicide to obey the hunter's code, which Gerard endorses. She writes a goodbye letter to Allison, feeling genuine sorrow that she did not get a chance to talk to her daughter one last time as Allison had taken off to Lydia's party. Upon the full moon rising, she feels the transformation happening. Overwhelmed, she confesses she can't pull off her suicide by herself and asks Argent to help her. Together, they impale her upon a knife. Victoria dies in Argent's arms.

In the pilot "Wolf Moon", Finstock is the first to notice Scott's improvement on the lacrosse field and puts him on first line. In "Second Chance At First Line", he tells Scott to play at the first game despite Scott claiming he has issues with anger. In "The Tell", during the parent teacher conference, Finstock discusses Stiles with Sheriff Stilinski, including Stiles' inability to concentrate in class despite having good grades. He is later seen amongst a panicked crowd when a mountain lion enters the school car park. In "Heart Monitor", Scott and Stiles use Finstock's heart rate monitor to help Scott control his abilities. Finstock later humiliates Scott in class which nearly causes Scott to wolf out. In "Lunatic", he is forced to put Stiles on first line because of a pink-eye epidemic. In "Wolf's Bane", Finstock promotes Scott to Co-captain of the team alongside Jackson, much to the latter's displeasure. In "Formality", Finstock forbids Scott from going to the dance due to poor grades. When he tries to throw him out, Scott has Danny dance with him and forcing Finstock to back down before he makes a bigger problem.

Natalie is not on good terms with her divorced husband accusing him of forcing Lydia to choose which parent she would rather live with during the parent teacher conference in Season 1 "The Tell". Natalie is seen at her daughter's bedside after she was attacked by Peter Hale in "Code Breaker". In Season 2 "Abomination", because of Lydia's behavior due to the deceased Peter's control of her, she wants Lydia to see Ms. Morrell, the high school guidance counselor, and becomes all the more resolved when she sees her daughter's hand bleeding from punching a mirror. In Season 3 episode, "Alpha Pact", Natalie comforts Lydia after Jennifer Blake tried to kill her by strangulation. She tells Lydia she could have the marks covered with make-up, using a patented method she had of covering up her own fair "share of hickies" when she was in high school. Lydia instead tells Natalie, she does not want to cover the wound, saying someone tried to kill her, she survived, and she does not have to hide that. Natalie is surprised at, but later approves of Lydia's maturity.

In Season 3B, Natalie takes the position of biology teacher at the high school after Adrian Harris is found dead. Lydia is somewhat embarrassed by this, but Natalie asks Lydia not to embarrass her. In "Letharia Vulpina", Natalie is seen talking to Peter Hale at the school, to Lydia's distress. Natalie tells her Peter said he is in Health department to give hearing tests to patients, but Lydia figures out this is a subtle message by Peter offering to help Lydia control her banshee ability. Lydia tells her mom the card he gave her is a phone number. Natalie brightly replies, "I know. Still got it." In Season 4, "The Benefactor", Natalie allows Lydia and her friends use the Martins' lakehouse, but asks her to lock up the basement because she thinks a "pack of wild animals" managed to get in (Malia's use of the basement to keep herself restrained during full moons). When the juniors are taking the PSATs in "Weaponized", Natalie oversees the examinations. She notices red and white lesions on Sydney, a student who had collapsed, and Coach Finstock. She promptly calls in the CDC. Natalie hopes she is wrong, and she'll be "the crazy biology teacher who panicked for nothing". In "Time of Death", Natalie notices Lydia's escapades to the lakehouse. She asks her daughter if she can help with anything. Lydia shows her the photo of Meredith Walker, who Natalie recognizes. Natalie tells her daughter the story of her paternal grandmother, Lorraine Martin who was interned at Eichen House.

In Season 3, Danny develops an interest in Ethan, one of the Alpha pack,[3] unaware that Ethan was originally using him to get leverage on Scott. Although Danny does not realize it, his relationship with Ethan softens the werewolf to the point where he is willing to change for the better going as far as meeting Scott and Stiles halfway. In episode 7 "Currents", Danny is lethally poisoned with mistletoe by the Darach and his lung collapses. Ethan, obviously excessively worried about Danny, helps him to the hospital, where Melissa McCall saves his life using a needle thoracostomy. It is revealed Danny was targeted by the Darach because he did a project on telluric currents which were placed on the locations of where the Darach was sacrificing his victims. Despite the fact that Ethan was only supposed to manipulate Danny's feelings to gain information, as Aiden had been assigned to do with Lydia, he eventually fell in love with Danny and is shown to have several tender moments with him. However, in season 3B, after their separation and Ethan and Aiden later decide to re-enroll in high school, Danny is shown making out with Damon, his ex, which Ethan is clearly upset about, to Aiden's amusement. In "Illuminated", because of the power outage, Danny wants to hold a black light party, but is cut down. Ethan and Aiden help him out by acquiring a power generator and letting him use Derek's loft for the party. Danny is very pleased with the results and bonds with Ethan again. In "Letharia Vulpina", Danny is seen with the cross country team on the track where traps are laid by the Nogitsune and Ethan tackles him to protect him and says he missed Danny and proceeds to make out with him. When Coach Finstock is shot by an arrow triggered by a trip wire, Danny looks on while Ethan stays protectively beside him. In "The Divine Move", Ethan comes to break up with Danny, saying he can't stay after Aiden's death. Danny lets Ethan down gently, breaking up with him instead, saying that while he likes Ethan, he can't date a werewolf - Danny was aware of the supernatural all along, to Ethan's surprise. Ethan gives Danny a kiss goodbye.

In Season 2, he is first seen in episode "Ice Pick". Boyd becomes the third member of Derek's pack, completing the basic requirement for an actual werewolf pack. He joined so he wouldn't have to be the high school loner anymore. For most of the season, he was Derek's right-hand man and physically the strongest Beta werewolf of the pack. Derek treated Boyd distinctly differently from the way he treated Isaac and Erica. Isaac and Erica were sent in like attack dogs, while Derek held Boyd in reserve, as he was more mature and stronger than them. In "Party Guessed", he experiences his first full moon as a werewolf; he goes feral and almost gets loose but is subdued by a more successful Isaac. Boyd was close to Erica. They both became frightened of the Argents' vendetta, especially when the whole Pack had to go on the run and left Derek with her to find another pack at the end of Season 2. The pair are led into a trap by the Argents using recorded wolf howls. Boyd saves Erica from being shot with an arrow by a vengeful Allison, but she relentlessly fires arrows into him, but Argent shoots her bow away saving Boyd's life. After a short altercation with and capture by the Argents, Argent rebels against his family and sets them free. He and Erica attempt to flee Beacon Hills, but are trapped by the Alpha pack, leaving their fate uncertain.

In Season 3B, they've lost their Alpha status and their talent to merge into their super-werewolf form in their feat to survive Jennifer's attack, so they disappear for a couple of weeks, with Ethan breaking up with Danny, though Lydia keeps in contact with Aiden. In "Galvanize", they say they need to join a new Pack as they are now Omegas and enemies will come for them because of their time with Deucalion. They come to ask Scott to join his Pack. Isaac and Stiles are vehemently against this and Scott says no as they don't trust them, particularly because of their part in Boyd's murder. Later, they decide to re-enroll in high school. Aiden continues his affair with Lydia but she eventually states that she helps to save lives, while all she sees is how he helped kill Boyd saying he is a 'bad guy' not just a 'bad boy'. Aiden shows genuine guilt for this. Ethan, meanwhile catches Danny making out with his ex-boyfriend and appears hurt. To make a fresh start and earn Scott's trust the twins help out with threats such as finding the serial killer William Barrow, combating the Oni, where they are both "tagged" by the said demons and helping out with the chaos caused by Stiles under the Nogitsune's possession. In the Season 3B finale, "The Divine Move" after events take a turn for the worse with Alison's death and the Nogitsune takes control of the Oni, the twins consider the idea to run. Derek scolds them and tells them they have to fight for Scott's cause of protecting people instead of fighting for Scott himself if they wish for redemption and become part of his pack. They assist Derek in fighting the Nogitsune and the Oni. After a prolonged altercation, they are saved by Argent, who begins to destroy the Oni with Allison's silver-tipped arrows. Aiden destroys an Oni with a silver arrowhead, only to be fatally stabbed himself. Bleeding heavily and dying, Aiden is held in Derek's arms while Ethan cries over him. Aiden tearfully states that Lydia will have a hard time thinking he became a 'good guy', but Derek reassures he will tell her himself. After passing away, Aiden's death is "felt" by Lydia, which deeply saddens her. With the loss of his brother, Ethan decides to leave Beacon Hills. Danny breaks up with him instead and reveals that he knows Ethan is a werewolf, which shocks the latter. He then gives Ethan a kiss goodbye. 041b061a72


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