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Where Can I Buy Pillsbury Banana Cake Mix !!EXCLUSIVE!!

OMG! The best banana cake I have ever had, and I made it ?! Thank you so very much for this recipe. I have it committed to memory so I can make it anytime, anyplace. I frosted with Pillsbury vanilla-marshmallow frosting then I poured homemade chocolate ganache over that.

where can i buy pillsbury banana cake mix

I just tried this cake tonight! I was looking for something easy as my bananas were starting to go bad and I wanted something sweet. I used Ms. Jones Organic vanilla cake, which uses butter instead of oil and I gotta say the whole cake is already gone. Everyone in the house had more than 1 piece even my kids who are so picky. Definitely making this again. Thank you for sharing Amanda.

It is a cheater cake but it tastes better than any banana cake I have ever had or made from scratch. So you ask what is a cheater cake. I call cakes that use a box mix with add ins cheater cakes. Let me tell you that there really is a place for these kind of cakes. They are quick to come together, amazingly dependable and are absolutely delicious.

Whisk together the dry ingredients; cake mix, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Add water, oil and eggs as directed on box. Stir in mashed bananas. Bake in greased pan. For the frosting cream butter and cream cheese. Beat in vanilla extract and powdered sugar. Ice cake when completely cooled. If desired top with chopped pecans. It is just that simple.

Yes! I made this recipe into cupcakes for a wedding. Baked about 18 min or until the toothpick comes out clean. I also added a little touch of spiced rum & browned the butter to the frosting mix. Gave it a bananas foster vibe. Soo delicious and everyone loved it!

Thank you for this wonderful recipe! My 1st banana cake is a smashing success thanks to you! I made it exactly how it is written and WOW! Absolutely the best I have ever had. Taking some to my dad at 10 pm-it is that good ?

I made this using a gluten free yellow cake mix. I let the batter sit for 30 minutes before baking, as I usually do with a gluten free mix, and it turned out wonderful! Best GF banana cake ever! This will be my go to recipe from now on.

I really liked this recipe! My dad requested a banana cake for his birthday this year and after reading through lots of recipes and comments I decided this was the best reviewed. The cake was a hit! Very moist and had a wonderful flavor! My only critique was it was more dense than I would prefer for cake. Any tips on how to make it less dense?Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

Gluten Free Yellow Banana Cake is a little bit of sweet heaven. The moist gluten-free yellow cake with fresh banana flavor topped with a classic white frosting makes the perfect dessert cake or decadent breakfast cake.

Since I am such a huge banana fan and I love adding potassium to the families diet, I added a bit of mashed banana to a box of Pillsbury Yellow Cake mix along with organic egg, butter and cinnamon. Simple and quick, but a great fun cake to enjoy after dinner or as we did for Sunday brunch. It was perfect because I baked off the cake on Saturday and after we all did our Sunday workout, we met back in the kitchen for coffee and a big slice of this gluten-free banana yellow cake. I topped my cake with a bit of creamy white Pillsbury frosting, but this cake would be great without it as well.

Just like some of my other cake mix recipes: cake mix blueberry muffins, cake mix brownies, yellow cake mix cookies, chocolate cake mix cookies, cake mix chocolate chip muffins, and cake mix cookie bars, this banana bread is simple, only a few ingredients, and guaranteed delicious.

Chocolate Banana Cake is the perfect dessert for when you are short on time but need a yummy dessert. The addition of bananas to this recipe makes a box mix chocolate cake into a deliciously moist and decadent treat!

Don't let the simple ingredients fool you. These quick and easy 3 ingredients muffins are super moist and delicious! That's all you will need to make these yummy little treats are a box of yellow or chocolate cake mix, ripe bananas and eggs. You can then add the mix-ins of your choice for added flavor and crunch.

Strawberry banana cake made with fresh strawberries is so good! This is the perfect summer cake and your family will love it! The combination of fresh strawberries and bananas is so refreshing. We keep this cake in the fridge and it is delicious cold, or warmed up a little topped with ice cream. You may also like these delicious Pineapple Coconut Bars, they are only a few ingredients.

This quick recipe for Easy 3 Ingredient Banana Bread is delicious! I could not believe how good it was with such simple ingredients. All you need is 3-4 ripe bananas, eggs, and a box of cake mix. Yes, you can make great tasting banana bread with a box of your favorite cake mix.

Best of all you can easily make this gluten free when you use a gluten free cake mix or you can use a sugar free cake mix! Without the additional oil this is actually a lower fat version of traditional banana bread. Some readers think it has a bit of cake texture, but my family thought it was great.

I like to keep yellow cake mix on hand and make this when I have surprise company visit. It is also nice to be able to make when I have over ripened bananas on hand. Another great tip is to use a spice cake mix. Our readers tell us that makes an amazing loaf of bread!

I made this one yellow cake mix and I also have a box of the banana nut bread which I mix them together I made 12 muffins and a low fan but also added dried apricots butter sugar and cinnamon on the bottom of my pants extra butter instead of oil oh my goodness it was awesome I will make this for the holidays

Great recipe! Leaving on a trip and needed a recipe to use 4 overripe bananas. I already had a butter pecan cake mix so I was able to use it instead of running to the store. Made a delicious loaf of banana bread to start our vacation.

I was skeptical about this recipe, but had 4 over ripe bananas and the rest of the ingredients, short on time, so I decided to try it. It was awesome-moist and delicious-hubby is raving about it! I used French vanilla cake mix and added pecans. Will definitely do it again!

Had 3 riped bananas and exactly 2 eggs in fridge and box of yellow cake mix in cabinet. Came out great. Heading on vacation, gonna take with me. Thank you so much for this easy recipe. Cathy from VA ?

Do not use an expired cake mix. It is not like some other products that you can use past the expiration date. You can ripen your bananas by placing them in a brown paper bag ? After you mix, gently stir in the fruit. Yes, cut them up.

It's called a cake but I think it's more like a souped up banana bread. It's moist, it's crunchy and it's got lots of delicious banananess. Ok, so that's not a word but it sounds good, huh? Banana Crunch Cake was 1 of 2 winners at the 1973 Pillsbury Bake-Off. Recipe on by Bonnie Brooks of Salisbury, Maryland.

Banana Pudding Cake Print l Pin l Rate lCourse: DessertPrep Time: 7 minutesCook Time: 50 minutesTotal Time: 57 minutesServings: 18Author: Jessica ( box Pillsbury Supreme Moist Yellow Cake Mix1 box banana pudding1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 ripe banana3 eggs1/4 cup milk1 cup water1/2 cup oil1/2 cup sour creamFrosting2 tablespoons banana cream pudding3/4 cup heavy cream2 teaspoons sugarsplash vanilla extract1 ( 16 oz ) Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla FrostingTopping1 box mini nilla wafers1-2 bananas (, thinly sliced)InstructionsPreheat oven to 350 degrees. In a 9 x 9 pan, cover with foil or parchment paper and spray with cooking spray; set aside. In a large bowl, mush banana then whisk together eggs, milk, water, oil and sour cream. Stir in cake mix and pudding, batter will be thick. Pour into cake pan and baking in oven for 40-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Foil may be placed over the top the last 20 minutes of baking to prevent too much browning.To make frosting, combine 3/4 cup heavy cream, 2 teaspoons sugar and a splash of vanilla extract into a blender or stand mixer with whisk attachment. Beat until soft peaks form. Combine whipped cream, pudding and Pillsbury Creamy Vanilla Frosting in a blender and blend until smooth. Top with mini nilla wafers and sliced bananas. Chill for a few hours to stiffen frosting. Top with sliced bananas.

Very easily! You can freeze the entire banana bundt cake or slice and freeze individual servings. Although you technically can freeze cream cheese frosting, we recommend freezing the cake unfrosted to ensure a better texture once thawed. You can freeze the cream cheese frosting separately, if desired, or wait to make a fresh batch when you thaw the cake.

Also note that if you add too much sour cream, this banana bundt cake ends up like a pound cake so just be aware that our measurements are to keep it a light and fluffy bundt cake versus a pound cake.

I just made this cake. It is delicious. Nice and moist. I did change it up a little. Used a strawberry mix and coconut cream pudding and added poppy seeds. So I may have you beat on the long title.Strawberry Banana Coconut Pudding Poppy seed cake with Cream Cheese icing. Thanks for the recipe. I will be using it again.BTW, I do remember now what the difference was between cake mix with pudding vs with out pudding in the mix. Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have pudding in the mix which will cause the cake to shrink a little while cooling whereas Duncan Hines(without pudding in the mix ) will be taller after cooling. Just an FYI. Thanks again.

WOW, what a great cake!!! I will definitely make this again. I cut the recipe in half since there are just the two of us. I used 1 1/2 cups of a 16.25 oz Betty Crocker Super Moist White cake mix, 1/2 of a small box of Jello sugar free instant Banana Cream pudding, 1 banana, baked in a 6 cup bundt pan and did not feel it needed the frosting. Thanks for posting this recipe. 041b061a72


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