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[S3E19] Joint Custody NEW!

In late 2016,[42] Mento resurfaced to claim dubious parental rights over Garfield, since being Rita's husband also made him Garfield's "stepfather", apparently because he wanted to exploit Garfield's meta-human abilities. Despite M'gann's willingness to fight for custody, Garfield felt he had no choice and left the Team to live with Mento.[47]

[S3E19] Joint Custody

Beast Boy led the public half of a joint Outsiders-Team mission to prevent an attack by the Bwundan Independence Front on a UN climate summit in Bwundasa. He helped fight the attackers, protecting Lex Luthor and Simon M'Barra, but ultimately it was the intervention of the Flash that ended the conflict. Luthor pointed out to the gathered press that he had called in Flash, proving that his way of doing things worked and that the Outsiders "help" was counter-productive, noting the injured Kid Flash. Beast Boy wanted to argue, but Miss Martian pointed out it was Lex's arena and called everyone back tot he Bio-Ship. Aboard the Bio-Ship, Gar angrily noted they had been set up, which was confirmed by a meta-human operative M'gann had liberated from the "B.I.F."[54]

As part of a joint Outsiders-Team mission to respond to Baron Bedlam's coup in Markovia, Gar led Alpha Squad, consisting of Terra, Geo-Force and Cyborg. After Beta flushed the Baron out, Alpha boom tubed to the Royal Palace to confront him. During the fight, Bedlam and Geo-Force went out through a window, into the path of a news cameraman. Beast Boy and Cyborg followed, but Bedlam broke Gar's arm. Geo-Force finally subdued the Baron and was ready to kill him, but Gar talked him down, telling him they don't deal out punishment. Gar then found himself under a hovering rock; Terra was ready to kill him. Tigress and Halo then arrived and talked Tara down, telling her she did not have to follow Deathstroke's orders. The revelation Tara had been a double agent all along was a surprise to both Gar and Brion. Enraged, Brion then killed Bedlam after he tried to escape and took the crown for himself before a cheering crowd. After Brion found no support from his sister, girlfriend or teammates, he ordered them away.[60]

When Chris Niosi asked Ian about production of the final season, he stated that the season would have helped pace the story out better if it had gotten the original 40 episode length. With the season's final form, there are few logical jumps. When T.K.O. goes over to the evil side from "Carl", everything is destroyed before "Dendy's Video Channel". They were not able to do the story of how the world got destroyed. There were a lot more episode concepts where they would have step out from the main story and have more fun along the way. For example, they would have gotten into the situation of K.O.'s custody having a hero mom and a villain dad with eventually Fink getting enrolled in K.O.'s school, with them in a Christmas pageant together.[5]

Toby Jones posted the original episode ideas for Season 3B where a couple of ideas have been used were placed in the restructured third season in order to tell the full story. The "T.K.O. subconscious" became the K.O./T.K.O. storyline throughout the season starting with "TKO Rules!".[6] The "shared custody" and "K.O. and Venomous vs. Shadowy Figure" ideas was merged for "Let's Get Shadowy". "T.K.O. takes over" became "Carl". "Boxman leaves Venomous" and the premise from "My Fair Robot" was folded into "Dendy's Video Channel". The "Plaza Tournament" is inserted in "Let's Fight to the End". "Thank You for Watching the Show" has been used for the season 3 and series finale, replacing a scrapped half-hour special.[7] Season 3 was written towards a big story climax/finale regardless if the show were to be renewed for a season 4 or not. K.O. and T.K.O. being merged ("Merged K.O."/MKO) has been planned to happen at the end of season 3 from either scenario with M.K.O. continuing in season 4.[8]

Deteriorating mentally and physically, a bearded, homeless Reese is attacked on a subway by a gang. Disarming and defeating them with no effort, Reese is taken into custody. Some men collect Reese from the precinct, but not before Reese's prints run through the database. He is taken to the Queensboro Bridge, where he meets a mysterious man going under the name Harold Finch, who offers to stop crimes from happening. Though he refuses at first, Reese soon changes his mind when Finch forces him into experiencing a scenario where he'd be helpless to prevent a murder from happening.

Maria Baez is a Detective in the New York City Police Department. She is part of the Major Case Squad, serving at the 54th Precinct. Her current partner is Daniel Reagan. Prior to working with him, she spent three years on a joint robbery task force working with the FBI until Commissioner Reagan disbanded it. Maria has a close friendship with Daniel Reagan, knowing him for 20 years.

Baez was promoted to Detective 3rd Grade by the age of twenty five. At some point in 2003, Baez met Daniel Reagan and formed a friendship with him. According to the episode Protest Too Much, they have been friends for ten years. Prior to transferring to the 54th Precinct, Baez was part of a joint task force with the FBI for three years. During her time in the task force, Baez investigated bank robberies. After the task force was disbanded by Commissioner Reagan, she was assigned to Detective Reagan. The two have formed a solid partnership since then. Baez is a competent detective, doing her best to keep Detective Reagan in line. Although she follows him in his actions if she fails to keep Detective Reagan in line. 041b061a72


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